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Philanthropic Causes Demand Teamwork…..

I invite everyone to join efforts in common goals to help people through the CI Consortium of Prosperity, serving people and businesses. Together, we can accomplish goals that may even seem impossible.

Would you like to help with Creative Innovations philanthropic fundraiser projects? If you have time to invest or a business to involve, then we invite you to become a member of our family of philanthropists and volunteers, where we live by the believe that quality philanthropic teamwork is absolutely certain to result in success when assured compassion is at the heart of the matter.

You should join us today and consider making philanthropic work your full time occupation through Creative Innovations, where you can greatly prosper through helping others, regardless of what wealth you have or lack. I welcome you all to join my efforts in fundraising projects, of which I will post. We will have much fun with this and many deserving people will benefit from our efforts…..

Visit the “About Us” page to learn more of our services at Creative Innovations. Use the message forms there to contact me with you concerns, wishes to join my philanthropic consortium absolutely free and your contact information.

Letters of support sent to me through the contact forms at the Creative Innovations website are used to land deals with business executives to fund my philanthropic work, so this is where your piece of mind matters, everyone. Also, everyone post your messages here, showing support. I appreciate all your support for my compassionate work, everyone.

We welcome you all into our consortium of compassionate volunteers and philanthropists. Join us today. If you are looking for something personally rewarding to invest your time into, Creative Innovations philanthropic projects are ideal.

Executives and business owners should decide to contract my services, immediately, then contact me to discover what I will offer. That’s the way I roll. Let me know what services are needed from my company and educate me of your company so I can perhaps offer an enormous expansion process, possibly even completely funded through Creative Innovations. Join my consortium and watch your business prosper….. Memberships into the CI Business Innovated Consortium of Prosperity are free, where the CI Business Innovated Expansion Firm rewards active members my professional attention designing enormous company expansions.

-Steve Hulsey – Creative Innovations Founder